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Saltwater State Park

Marine Life

Here is some of the marine life you can see at Saltwater State Marine Park.  You can also download a full report compiled from the marine life surveys.


Sea Stars

The reed is home to a wide variety of Sea Stars.  Listed here are some of the ones you may see while diving the reef.

Ling cod

Lingcod grow up to 5 feet long and up to 80 pounds.  The artificial reef at Saltwater State Park is now getting lingcod similar to those found at Edmonds Underwater Park.
Photo by Edward Gullekson

Rhoda and lingcod.jpg
plumose n rockfish 2.jpg


Copper rockfish and quilback rockfish enjoy hovering above the cement columns facing into the current so water can easily flow over their gills.
Photo by Shuo-Wei Chang

Green Urchin

Like a walking spiny ball, the Green Urchin uses its sharp needles and soft tube feet to move. It’s favorite food is algae, however it will eat almost anything along the way.
Photo by Rhoda Green

green urchins.JPG
scallop eyes.jpg


Spiny pink scallops rest on the rocks while filtering the water for tiny plankton morsels that drift their way. There little sparking eyes are watching you.
Photo by Rhoda Green

Plumose Anemone

Plumose anemones find a happy home attached to the columns.
Photo by Shuo-Wei Chang

plumose anemone.jpg
ratfish m.jpg

Spotted Ratfish

Spotted ratfish like to meander along the seafloor looking for food. You can tell this one is a male by the whitish knobby spot on his forehead.
Photo by Shuo-Wei Chang

Kelp Greenlings

Kelp greenlings are one of the few fish in the northwest that makes and females display noticeably different colors and patterns. Males have the large blotchy blue spots over their body. Males also build nests are territorial and guard eggs.
Photo by Rhoda Green

kelp greenling M.JPG
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