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Diver Stewardship

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As  Reef Environmental Education Foundations Conservation Partner, we provide  Marine identification training and certification for all levels. Once you achieve level 4 expertise you have graduated to the Advance Assessment Team for more dive opportunities. Your REEF survey of Saltwater State Park throughout the year is valuable long term data. Saltwater marine park has 4 different REEF codes you can use depending on where you are surveying. (see REEF map).

We have compiled reports from our Marine Life Surveys, and they are available to the public below for you to see how the marine life has done here over the years.

Our volunteer divers are hard at work maintaining and growing the marine ecosystem.

In the video below we are installing strings seeded with bull kelp to help restore the kelp forest.

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Artificial Reef Map

This REEF map was made for the benefit of divers to improve their safety and experience at our park.

Marine Monitoring

 Our marine world  we are learning is so vital to us and the health of our planet yet there is so little we know. As part of community science we survey the marine park and we provide many fun marine volunteer opportunities.

Reef Research
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REEF Marine Life Surveys

There are 4 location codes for our park.  Divers can participate in marine life surveys to help monitor the health of our waters and marine life populations.

Buoy Monitoring and Maintenance

In the marine park there are 4 marker canister buoys that help boaters recognize where  the Marine Preserve Area is located.  Inside the MPA there are two mooring buoys for dive boats and there are two  buoys for divers to descend on the reefs. Volunteer support is need in many marine oriented activities including photography, data analysis and buoy maintenance, both diver and non diver volunteers are welcome.

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