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About Us

Friends of Saltwater State Park is an official State Parks Friends group in existence since 2016. Because Saltwater’s mixture of habitats; such as the amazing underwater marine park for adventurous scuba divers, large intertidal beach for beach explorers, salmon bearing stream that weaves through a wonderful urban forest with hiking trails. The park attracts a variety of patrons who enjoy the myriad nature activities the park provides

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The Friends group was developed by nature caring park patrons that wanted to do more for the park. Nature is our panacea, we listen and blend with nature and she refreshes us. We also listen and notice nature’s issues, such as; lack of salmon, ivy smothering out native plants, shells and seas stars missing from the benches and abandoned crab pots in the underwater park. Luckily, our awesome volunteer leaders with the help of over 100 volunteers are working on projects to preserve and improve the park.

We promote marine and watershed stewardship, habitat restoration, and conservation through education, guidance, fund-raising, and environmental monitoring. We promote safety for patrons and the importance of enhancing land, creek, and marine environments. Its all connected and we are all connect. Our activities are environmentally friendly and culturally inclusive for all people. Our mission is to support Saltwater State Park for the betterment of patrons and the environment.

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The Friends is organized exclusively for charitable, literary, educational, or scientific purposes within the meaning of, section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future Federal tax code. Washington Scuba Alliance is our fiscal sponsor.

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